Arena bullet hell twin stick shooter. ARPG-like Camera. The player has to survive for a certain time, evading and destroying enemies and collecting loot dropped by these enemies.

However, the more loot he gathers, the harder the game gets, whether by making enemies harder to destroy or by other things. First, enemies will have a chance to split into smaller versions when killed. Second, the player will get a chest behind him which can be shot and will lose loot for the player. Finally, the player will get an additional chest and enemies will start to randomly become stronger from time to time.

The player is required to have a minimum amount of loot by the end of each level but the more he has the better rewards he will also earn.

Currently we have three levels.

[UPDATE] Controller now supported


Keyboard and Mouse

WASD to move and mouse to aim

LMB - shoot

Controller (Xbox)

Left Stick - Move (and cycle options on win/lose menu)

Right Stick - Aim and shoot

A Button - select menu option


Download 28 MB

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